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Taking control of your finances

CAP Money Courses

CAP course HuddersfieldSt John’s is one of nearly a thousand churches across the UK who support the national charity Christians Against Poverty in encouraging people to be positive about personal finances, and challenging them to be brave and take control.  TV’s Martin Lewis recommends CAP on his website

At St John’s three of our church members – Yvonne Trunkwald, Tim Woolmer, and David Harriden – have been trained as money coaches by experts from CAP to assist local people with money management. This is achieved through running the CAP Money Course which comprises three, FREE advice sessions.

Courses are held throughout the year usually on the Church premises. Contact us to find out our current course dates.  Regardless of how much or little money we have, all of us can struggle to manage it and can lose control of it. When that happens, it is controlling us and causing pressure and worry.  For more information visit or call Tim on 01924 276932.